Exclusive - Man With 'Itak' Goes Wild In Gaisano Mall, Davao City!

Yesterday, October 16, at the Gaisano Mall in Davao City, an unidentified man was seen with a weapon, causing disturbance in  said mall.

According to Christopher Velez’s post, authorities were wary of the man with a yellow-green vest at first, as he was seen with an “itak.” But when the suspect attacked someone, the police and security guards were quick to apprehend him. 

The security guards cornered the suspect, keeping him on the ground. One guard even sustained an injury.

Netizens had various reactions to the situation. Some said that it was a bad move that they beat up the suspect, some say that authorities did a good job taking immediate action. Some also questioned why the weapon wasn't confiscated in the first place.

Source: TNP , Facebook

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