Exclusive - LizQuen Caught On Cam: Enrique Gil Was Just Visiting Liza Soberano But What Happens Next Will Really Surprise You!

The love team of Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil or also known as LizQuen is that word of mouth of every netizen today. It is all because of a video that went rampant online.

The love team became well-known because of their movies and hit teleseryes like ‘Forevermore’ and ‘Dolce Amore’.

Because of their sweetness, all of their fans and followers are now really curious on what is really going on between them.

Enrique Gil disclosed that he is courting Liza. However, their fans are always expressing their happiness because of the sweet moments that the two have off camera. 

But their sweetness behind the scene was now caught on cam! Enrique came to visit Liza on set then he saw a baby beside a mother and Liza. What they were talking about is how to kiss but to their surprise, the love team went on to demonstrate how it is done!

This video became viral and their fans are really into sharing and reposting this video

Source: TNP , YouTube
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